Why Millennials Need to Take Wine Classes

Why Millennials Need to Take Wine Classes

Why Millennials Need to Take Wine Classes

Millennials have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to alcohol. We actually have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to a lot of things. Yet, the most judgmental thing the world likes to place us on is alcohol and I can see why.

I remember when my college days. The Friday and Saturday nights when the main goal was to get black-out drunk. Now that I think back to it, that wasn’t the best use of my time. There is nothing wrong with going out and relieving stress, but the fact that I was so determined to make myself so sloppy and incoherent makes me cringe a little bit.

At times, it felt like I was the only one, yet in reality that is far from it. Since 2005, heavy drinking has increased by up to 17% in many places of the world. That might seem a lot, but it gets worse. In 2012, surveys have demonstrated that over 18% of Americans were considered binge drinkers.

Why is it that we tend to over drink instead of treating it like a valuable item? There is so much history in each beverage and yet we treat it with such disrespect. I was like that, but I wanted to change. If you’re a millennial and you’re reading this then you might say that not all millennials are the same. I agree with you 100%. However, that’s not the picture the majority of us are portraying.

We need to do things differently.

There needs to be a change and, fortunately, the Chopping Block was able to help me start it. If you want to educate yourself in the life of REAL wine instead of the $8 dollar kind then this is the place to start.

Located in two locations in Chicago, IL: Lincoln Square and the Merchandise Mart Plaza, The Chopping Block offers a variety of classes. I had the honor of taking a class called “Building Blocks of Wine: The Language of Wine” in their Lincoln Square location. The sommelier was a lovely woman named, Viktorija Todorovska.

Viktorija grew up making wine in her families vineyard and you can tell by the her presentation. She gives the class with such grace and class, it makes you want to be a sommelier; if only to be as knowledgeable about wine as she was. She is an accredited Sommelier (International Sommelier Guide), French Wine Scholar (French Wine Academy), and Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators). All I have to say is that her education and passion definitely shows in the class.

For two hours, I learned so much. I took A LOT of notes. While they were for the blog, it was more for myself. I learned how to pair certain wine with certain foods. For example, the Taft Street Sauvignon Blanc has a high acidity due to the flavor of the grapes. Because of that, goat cheese and tilapia go hand in hand with the Sauvignon Blanc.

In conclusion

I truly learned the language of wine through this class. Time flew by and I enjoyed myself as I interacted with a lovely family. It looks like this couple, who’ve definitely taken a ton of classes, brought their college age son to learn about wine, instead of chugging it down.

It was interesting and thought provoking. I felt like I was back in class and having a hard discussion about why certain things were the way they were.

This is what everyone needs to do. Instead of the common ground, take yourself out of your comfort zone. Learn something different that isn’t part of your life’s curriculum. If you do that, then just maybe you will be able to reduce those millennial criticisms a tiny bit. You might be able to take something away to impress your fellow coworkers next time at happy hour, too.

I’m just saying.

8 thoughts on “Why Millennials Need to Take Wine Classes

  1. OMG. This is such a great post, I have been trying to convince myself lately to take wine class but I just cannot justify myself to say it’s worth my time. Thank you for the reminder. I feel like you are talking to me. I might take a drive to Chicago and do this. Oh how I love Chicago.

    1. Do it. It’ll be a great way for you to try something different at least! Also, both locations are really nice and if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, it’s also great for to shop for the chef in the family. They sell some really great and quality stuff there for both cooking and drinking!

    1. Exactly, Kathryn. I feel like it’s a great way to understand a whole new culture and a bit of history throughout the eras!

    1. You definitely should! If you’re traveling by yourself, it’s a great way to meet new people! Or bring a few friends and make it a trip with each other!

  2. A wine class would be so nice! I think a lot of people just need to take courses to better themselves and give themselves a new perspective on things. Wine in particular is a wonderful one, I’m glad to read this!

  3. I love wine!! I’ve always felt like the odd one out that answers “Chianti” when everyone else is saying “white” or “red” after being asked our favorite wine. As I’m getting older though more people are starting to learn about their wine preferences which makes the conversations so much more fun!

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